Call for national projects Belux

Biocodex Microbiota Foundation 2024

Gut microbiota in human health and diseases


Biocodex has been involved in research on gut microbiota for many years.

The Biocodex Microbiota Foundation is the ‘organizer’ of a National Research Grant in 2024 for a fundamental or clinical project relating to “Gut Microbiota in Human Health and diseases”.

Price 2024

The total grant amount is 25.000 euro (VAT and potential overhead included).

The award must be paid to an organization (public, research, hospital, association). In their application letter, candidates must specify the way the award is to be paid.


The award is open for doctors in medicine and researchers working in the Belux (holder of a Master Degree and/or Ph.D.).

Application form 

It must include the following documents (see ‘download Application Form’ below):

  • An Application Letter;
  • The Applicant’s cv;
  • A letter of recommendation from their Head of Department;
  • A detailed presentation of the project: rationale, objective, methodology, expected results, estimated length of time, justification of the allotted financing, opinion of the IRB, if necessary, hospital, publishing strategy (including authorship) and research teams involved in the project;
  • A one-page summary (included in the 4-page presentation)

The submission of an application constitutes acceptance of these rules.

Click to download the application form in the doc.

Incomplete application forms will not be considered.

If you have trouble accessing the application, please email for a copy of the application.

Review process

All projects will be independently reviewed by the 4 members of the scientific committee. Biocodex Benelux won’t be implemented in the reviewing process at any time.

The final decision will be made after a consensus meeting where a full agreement is obtained.

Conflict of interest

Members of the scientific committee will not contribute to the evaluation and ranking of their own projects or any other projects with potential conflict of interest.

The final decision together with a short review report will be returned to every participant.

Candidate engagement

The Applicant agrees to inform the BMF jury and Biocodex Benelux Foundation of any financing that has already been received for this project, or a request for funding to another structure.

The Applicant agrees to submit the results of the research for presentation (oral or poster) at a(n) (inter)national scientific conference.

The Applicant agrees to submit a progress report of research work to the BMF Jury and Biocodex Benelux Foundation after 1 year.

The candidate will mention the support of the Biocodex Microbiota Foundation in all presentations or publications of the research work.

The applicant agrees to be transparent to the BMF on how the budget is spent.

If for any reason a granted project has not started within one year following the attribution, the applicant agrees to promptly communicate this to the BMF Jury and Biocodex Benelux Foundation. The grant then must be returned to the BMF.


The current composition of the Scientific committee members:

  • Prof. Dr. Françoise SMETS (Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc Bruxelles, UC Louvain);
  • Prof. Dr. Bruno HAUSER (UZ Brussel, VUB);
  • Prof. Dr. Hubert LOUIS (Hôpital ERASME Bruxelles, ULB);
  • Prof. Dr. Jeroen RAES (VIB, KU Leuven).

The scientific committee’s decision is final, and cannot be contested.

Attribution 2024

The deadline for sending applications (by e-mail) is 31st of March 2024.

The jury will grant 1 project. The decision will be based on quality and originality. The granted project will be announced by May 2024.

The announcement of the winning project and the presentation of the award will take place during a ceremony (place and date to be confirmed).

Ethical approval

The grant will only be attributed upon receiving the ethical approval.

Postponement of the Benelux Award

The jury remains the right to not attribute the grant in case of insufficient scientific quality of the projects.

Applications must be sent to the following address:

The deadline for sending applications is 31st of March 2024.

If you have any questions or need a copy of the application, please email

Belgium winners

Dr. Sarah Ahannach
belgium flag
2024 Belgium winnerDr. Sarah Ahannach

Towards a better understanding of a Gut-Vagina Axis by investigating the effects of Ramadan fasting on Gut and Vaginal Microbial Communities

Charysse Vandendriessche
belgium flag
2023 Belgium winnerDr. Charysse Vandendriessche

Bacterial extracellular vesicles as biomarker for Parkinson's disease

belgium flag
2022 Belgium winnerDr. Sophie Leclercq

Influence of gut microbiota composition and function on acute and persistent post-surgical pain

Prof. Laure ELENS
belgium flag
2020 Belgium winnerProf. Laure Elens

Study of the gut human microbiome and its relationship with immunosuppressive pharmacotherapy in stable renal transplant patients

Prof. Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke
belgium flag
2019 Belgium winnerProf. Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke

Ghent University trial in Parkinson’s with faecal transplantation

Dr. Lucas Wauters
belgium flag
2018 Belgium winnerDr. Lucas Wauters

The duodenal microbiome and effect of proton pump inhibitors in healthy volunteers and functional dyspepsia patients