Dr. Sarah Ahannach
Dr. Sarah Ahannach Department of Bioscience Engineering, University of Antwerp

Project description

What are the implications of your research proposal in the microbiome field for human health?

This research project will lead in a unique way to impactful results for different sectors of the microbiome field, ranging from gastrointestinal health, nutritional health, women’s health, vaginal and urogenital health towards biotechnology and probiotics. Tangible and valorisable outcomes include novel biomarkers for women’s and gut health (microbiome parameters), novel ideas for probiotic strains, as well as novel service models. The host lab has experience with the trajectory towards valorisation of products (especially probiotic strains, for which more than ten patent applications have been filed for specific uses), services (which have resulted in yet more than ten fee-for-service contracts with companies) and processes (e.g., research on novel processes to formulate probiotics in innovative applications). With regards to societal impact, we distinguish ourselves by focusing on a large under-researched group in our society. Therefore, this project is unique in its ability to reach out to particular groups and communicate the results to the broader public.

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