Lena Ohman
Pr. Lena Öhman University of Gothenburg

Project description

There is an urgent need for identification of biomarkers predicting response to therapy with biologic agents, such as anti-TNF, in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We therefore aim to test the hypothesis that gut microbiota influence and predict therapeutic outcome in IBD patients. 

The successful outcome of this project proposal include identification of patients not likely to respond to anti-TNF therapy, who should not be exposed to risks of the therapy, using a commercially available standardized and reproducible tool suitable for the clinical setting. Identification of anti-TNF therapy responders as well as non-responders will enable improved precision medicine and ensure the right treatment to the right patient.

Nordics' winning projects

Dr. Craig E. Wheelock
2023 Nordics winnerAssociate Professor. Craig Wheelock

Effect of novel microbiota-derived octadecanoid lipid Mediators and their functional impact on the gut mucosa

Pr. Päivi Tammela
2022 Nordics winner (Finland)Pr. Päivi Tammela

Improving the efficacy of L-dopa therapy of Parkinson’s disease through inhibiting L-dopa conversion to dopamine by intestinal bacteria

Associate prof. Thaher Pelaseyed
2022 Nordics winner (Sweden)Associate Professor. Thaher Pelaseyed

Role of breast milk mucins in regulation of infant gut microbiota and health

2021 Nordics winner (Estonia)Dr. Olli-Pekka Aukusti

Characterization of a novel potential probiotic strain of Lactobacillus salivarius and its association with Helicobacter pylori

2020 Nordics winner (Latvia)Pr. Daiga Santare

Effect of the Nordic diet on composition and functional profile of faecal microbiota and symptoms of fatigue in patients with mild and moderate ulcerative colitis

Pr. Ignacio Rangel
2020 Nordics winnerPr. Ignacio Rangel

Regulation of gene expression in gut bacteria host microRNAs

Anne Salonen
2018 Nordics winner 1Pr. Anne Salonen

Gut microbiota in relation to early growth and development of childhood obesity

Finland flag
2018 Nordics winner 2Dr. Veera Kainulainen

Commensal bacteria in the attenuation of intestinal inflammation - molecular mechanisms of functionality of isolated novel strains