Nordics 2021 Nordics Grant Winner


Gut microbiota and probiotics in human health and disease



Pr Lena Öhman, University of Gothenburg

Gut microBIOta as a clinical biomarker for PREDiction of therapy outcome in IBD patients “BIO-PRED-IBD”


There is an urgent need for identification of biomarkers predicting response to therapy with biologic agents, such as anti-TNF, in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We therefore aim to test the hypothesis that gut microbiota influence and predict therapeutic outcome in IBD patients. The successful outcome of this project proposal include identification of patients not likely to respond to anti-TNF therapy, who should not be exposed to risks of the therapy, using a commercially available standardized and reproducible tool suitable for the clinical setting. Identification of anti-TNF therapy responders as well as non-responders will enable improved precision medicine and ensure the right treatment to the right patient.