Belgium 2018 Belgium Grant Winner


Gut Microbiota in Human Health and Diseases



Dr. Lucas Wauters
(University Hospital Leuven)

The duodenal microbiome and effect of proton pump inhibitors in healthy volunteers and functional dyspepsia patients.


The human gut microbiome is now widely recognized as a key contributor to health but the presence of a proximal small intestinal or duodenal microbiome remains largely understudied. In this project, we will characterize the duodenal mucosa-associated and luminal microbiome in healthy volunteers and study associations with previously reported alterations in functional dyspepsia patients. 

The discovery of potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets may ultimately contribute to the diagnosis and innovative treatments for this chronic and challenging gastro-intestinal condition. The effect of acid-suppression on the microbiome in health and functional dyspepsia is highly relevant as proton pump inhibitors are frequently scrutinized because of potential long-term adverse events. The results might provide additional arguments not to initiate or continue proton pump inhibitors without a clear indication and reduce inappropriate prescribing