Jennifer Clifford-Nkemdilim

Jennifer Clifford-Nkemdilim, Clif-J Pharmacy, Delta, Nigeria

Curbing the menace of rotavirus disease in Agbor community and raising awareness on the need for early childhood vaccination


3 Questions to Jennifer Clifford-Nkemdilim


1. What is the relationship between your project and microbiota?

Research has shown that Rota virus can alter the composition of the gut microbiota which could induce different undesirable health conditions like diarrhea and other long term disease conditions. Hence, the need to raise awareness and educate the public on different measures to curb the menace of rotavirus disease in my community (Agbor, Delta state, Nigeria)


2. How can the project improve children’s health in Nigeria?

Different reports showed Nigeria has the second highest number of rotavirus deaths in the world. Children within the ages of 0 – 5 years are the worst hit.

The project will:

I. Further sensitize the public on rotavirus disease as well as the undesirable health conditions (including reported death cases) associated with it is preventable.

II. Guide them on when, where, and how their child can be vaccinated.

III. Further discourage indiscriminate use of antibiotics which is common in treating reported diarrhea cases. There by preventing resistance as well as other side effects of antibiotic induces Dysbiosis.

IV. Educate the public on the role of a balanced microbiota in rotavirus disease prevention and treatment.


3. How the Henri Boulard Award will help your team to perform your project?

Henri Boulard award will serve as a spring board to take our public health awareness campaign on rotavirus disease, it’s menace and early childhood vaccination to the nooks and crannies of the community. The funding of the project will grant us access to the best resources available for public education and training. There will be increased visibility in the role of community pharmacist in public health issues. This funding given to us will enable us achieve 100% of our project objectives