Dr. Michael Besong
Dr. Michael Besong Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plant Studies (IMPM), Yaoundé, Cameroon

Project description

3 Questions to Dr. Michael Besong

1. What is the relationship between your project and Microbiota?

Our project seeks to characterize the vaginal microbiota of healthy women in rural areas of Cameroon, identify various lifestyle and environmental factors influencing the vaginal microbiota, and raise awareness on vaginal health among women in rural Cameroon.

2. How can the project improve women’s health in Cameroon?

This project could improve women's health by providing evidence on social and lifestyle factors that negatively affect women's vaginal health, which could be the basis for educational and health promotion interventions. Also, the awareness component of the project would directly provide rural women with vital knowledge, leading to more healthy practices and improved health.

3. How will the Henri Boulard Award will help your team to perform your project?

The Henri Boulard Award is the cornerstone of the project, as we would not have been able to conduct the project due to lack of resources locally.

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