Oliwia Zakerska-Banaszak
Dr. Oliwia Zakerska-Banaszak Institute of Human Genetics of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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Oliwia Zakerska-Banaszak award ceremony

Poland's winning projects

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2022 Poland winnerMgr Anna Rychter

Assessment of the intestinal microbiome enterotype and the ability to break down starch in a weight reduction program using nutritional intervention and probiotic therapy in obese women

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2021 Poland winnerDariusz Koziorowski, PhD

Effect of fecal microbiota transfer on progression of Parkinson Disease

Dr n. med. Jan Nowak
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2020 Poland WinnerDr n. med. Jan Nowak

Assessment of changes in the intestinal microbiota of children with ulcerative colitis under the influence of glutamine by nanopore sequencing: a randomized trial

Dr Marcin Gabryel
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2019 Poland WinnerDr. Marcin Gabryel

Treatment of patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by means of intestinal microbiota transplantation - assessment of the effectiveness of therapy and its effect on the change of intestinal microbiome