Since 2017, The Biocodex Microbiota Foundation rewards international research projects focused on human gut microbiota related to health and disease. Every year, the call for projects covers a specific theme chosen by a committee of independent international scientists. 

Through this grant, the Foundation aims to support Physicians, PhDs and Pharm D. working in subject areas, such as gastroenterology, paediatrics, microbiology, infectious diseases and internal medicine and based anywhere in the world.

International Grant
International AwardInternational call for projects 2025Call for projects
Transformation of bile acids by the gut microbiota: Functional implications for the host and consequences for human health

Our scientific committee will select the best project among all the submitted ones.

The board

Marie-Emmanuelle Le Guern
Marie Emmanuelle Le Guern

Biocodex Microbiota Foundation Chairman, Biocodex Laboratory Compiègne, France

Murielle Escalmel
Murielle Escalmel

Biocodex Microbiota Foundation General Delegate, Biocodex Laboratory Gentilly, France

Dr. Maxime Prost
Maxime Prost à la Denise

Medical Affairs Director, France Division, Biocodex Laboratory Gentilly, France

Lynne McFarland Epidemiologist
Lynne Mc Farland

Infectious Diseases Epidemiologist, Seattle, USA

Aude Boclé
Aude Boclé

General Manager Biocodex Poland, Warsaw, Poland

Xavier Roux
Xavier Roux

Head of Microbiology Department, Biocodex Laboratory Compiègne, France

Alain Marié
Alain Marié

CEO of Wonder Search company, Paris, France

Harry Sokol
Harry Sokol

President of the committee, Professor of Gastroenterology, St Antoine Hospital, APHP, Sorbonne University, Paris, France

Granted projects

Bercik_International winner
2020 2020 International Grant Winner Pr. Premysl Bercik

Clostridium difficile-induced post-infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Study of the mechanisms and treatments