To foster its commitment to improving health worldwide, the Biocodex Microbiota Foundation launched in 2021 the Henri Boulard Award. 

Henri Boulard is the famous French microbiologist who discovered the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii in the 1920s in Indochina and its virtues against diarrhoea. The Henri Boulard Award is dedicated to improving the human conditions related to microbiota. 

Because Gut Microbiota is more and more considered an organ, it deserves to be protected. Some factors such as Diet, Life style, Drugs or Environmental may impact microbiota leading to clinical disorders or diseases.

Actions such as educational programs, water purification, farming projects may preserve the organ integrity and may avoid the disorders associated with microbiota dysfunction. 

That is why the Henri Boulard Award wants to support 4 initiatives: 2 related to microbiota and human health, 1 to microbiota and antimicrobial resistance prevention and 1 to microbiota and environmental concerns from 3 geographical areas: Asia, Latin America and Middle East Africa.

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Henri Boulard Award
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This award aims at recognizing local initiatives dedicated to protecting microbiota and preserving human global health

Initiatives dedicated to improving the management of disorders associated with microbiota.

Granted projects