Dr Licona
Dr. Cuauhtemoc Licona-Cassani Centro de Biotecnología FEMSA (CB-FEMSA), Tecnológico de Monterrey

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Mexico's winning projects

Dr. Hector Ochoa Díaz-López
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2021 Mexico winnerDr. Hector Ochoa Díaz-López

Analysis of the expression and level of methylation of the INS, ADIPOQ and FTO genes and their association with intestinal and metabolic syndrome in adolescents from marginalized areas of Chiapas

Claudia Perez
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2020 Mexico WinnerDr. Claudia Pérez Cruz

Determination of the estrobolomic brain axis and its importance in Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Mario Moisés Álvarez
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2019 Mexico winnerDr. Mario Moisés Álvarez

Microbiota-tumor system on chip: development of a microfluidic device to study interactions between the human microbiota and spheroids of colorectal cancer

Dr Naima Lajud Ávila
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2018 Mexico winnerDr. Naima Lajud Ávila

Effect of bacterial re-colonization in rats subjected to stress during early life