Mexico 2018 Mexico Grant Winner


Investigación sobre Microbiota Intestinal




Dr Naima Lajud Ávila, CIB IMSS, Michoacán.

Effect of bacterial re-colonization in rats subjected to stress during early life.


To determine whether microbiota re-colonization of control animals will reverse the effects of stress exposure during life stages on hippocampal neurogenesis, depressive type behavior and metabolic risk.  

The results achieved so far indicate that, in effect, the recolonization strategy reverses the effects of stress. However, one of the shortcomings of working with laboratory animals is that they are generally kept in sterile facilities, which hardly simulates what happens in real life. The support of the Biocodex Microbiota Foundation will allow us to carry out all the sequencing analysis and repeat the experiments under more controlled conditions. This would allow us to know if our findings are transferable to the real world. The study of the microbiota is becoming very important, it has implications for diseases that had no idea that they could have so many things in common, such as obesity and depression.