Dr Rashim Singh
Dr. Rashim Singh University of Houston

Project description

Our research aims towards exploring the bidirectional relationship between flavonoids and gut microbiome in the prevention of colorectal cancer induced by the dietary carcinogens (such as PhIP). In addition, our research will add to the building knowledge of xenobiotics-gut microbiome interaction, especially for the drugs undergoing phase-II metabolism and entering any component of triple recycling pathways. 

At last, this research might provide insights into finding solutions for gastrointestinal toxicity/side effects, such as severe diarrhea case of irinotecan and diclofenac, caused due to the generation of toxic molecules after the hydrolysis of glucuronides by microbial beta-glucuronidase.

USA's winning projects

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Dr. Arpana Gupta
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2019 USA WinnerDr. Arpana Gupta

Novel mechanisms and new pharmacological targets within the Brain-Gut Microbiome-Immune axis with the long-term goal of improving treatment strategies for MetS.

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R-HTN-associated gut dysbiosis alters gut-brain axis and antihypertensive drugs’ efficacy